I grew up fishing the waters of Galveston & Matagorda Bays until the age of 14, and I
don't mean every once in a while, we were there every weekend, and if not there we were at
Lake Conroe or Livingston (My grandfather loved the salt and my father was a bass
tournament fisherman, which I fell straight in line with in both instances).
   My family then moved to South Texas where I discovered the slightly stained, but so often
gin clear waters that I fell in love with.  These waters make sight cast fishing such an intense
joy, trying to teach clients to cast right in the soft edge of the murky stained drain, or to look
for the bait fish under the water when you cannot find them on the top, and most of all let the
fish set the hook, don't try to rip their lips off they are not all Tarpon!  I have been lucky
enough to win several (bass) tournaments, placed in saltwater tournaments as well as guided
many clients and ladies in tournaments with great success, and have caught some great fish.  
The knowledge that I have acquired throughout my career, I will try to install through
instruction and discussion in my customers so that it may help them on their own outings.  

   I hold a degree in Wildlife Management, am a freelance outdoor writer and photographer,
and on occasion will speak at a seminar on saltwater fishing or wildlife management.  I believe
in giving people all that I can for their money.  If we fill your limit in the first hour, we will
continue fishing until you are tired or your 6 hours is up, I don't quit and take you back to the
dock unless you want me to.  I fish by Live Bait or Fresh Dead, Artificial Bait, & Fly,
anchored, drift fishing, or wade fishing, which ever you prefer.  My objective is for you to have
fun, relax, and gain a little knowledge on the quarry we persue while doing it.